Wellness Info


We all share the vision of having healthy, happy children and RSU1 has adopted a Wellness Policy that integrates school life with a healthy lifestyle. Please join us in our strong commitment to improving the well-being of students by increasing awareness of, providing education for, and empowering our students to make healthy lifestyle choices.  An easy-to-read summary can be found in our Wellness Brochure.


The RSU#1 Wellness Council exists to serve as an advisory committee in regard to these student wellness issues. The Council is responsible for making recommendations related to the RSU#1 Wellness Policy to ensure compliance with both federal and state regulations and mandates. 

 In addition, each school has its own Wellness Committee, dedicated to making the health of its students a top priority. All members are committed to supporting a school environment that encourages access to healthy food, an increase in daily physical activity, a drug-free lifestyle, and personal well-being.  

Wellness Newsletters highlighting different healthy topics are distributed with each school's newsletter once a month. View current and back issues here.    

QUESTIONS? IDEAS? CONCERNS? We need your input! Go to the RSU1 Wellness Blog or contact 4reed28@comcast.net, any member of the Wellness Council or your Wellness Committee below: