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All Clear - Response to possible threat at Bath Middle School (there was none) RSU1 compass rose logo
Student Artist of the Week January 31 Mitchell






Student Artist of the Week January 3 CThelen
Student Artist of the Week December 120 Grace Torrey
Student Artist of the Week December 15 Ben Trotti
Plan to Make-Up School Days Thumbnail of Patrick Manuel's letter about  making up days of school lost to storms


Student Artist of the Week December 8 Grendell
Student Artist of the Week November 1 Hipp
Student Artist of the Week November 8 Hinkley


















This student is one of Fisher Mitchell Schools’ most prolific artists! That means she is ALWAYS making art! She often puts her own take on assignments, but where she really shines is when she depicts the shapes and patterns in the animals she loves. Payton in Mrs. Pomerleau’s 3rd Grade Class is AMAZING! Great work Payton!

Student Artist of the Week November 15 Wilson




















What a wild couple of weeks! Because of the power outages, professional development days (teacher workshops), and the Veterans Day Holiday, we’ve missed quite a few art classes. I only got to work with Fisher Mitchell Students one day last week! That’s one of the reasons I am recognizing another 5th grade student for their piece inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. In Mrs. Wheeler’s class many students took their collages in new and creative directions of their own design. I saw students make piles of colorful leaves next to small rakes, log cabins, and even a tree swept up into the air. However, there was only one student that had a zip line between two of his autumn trees, that’s why I am recognizing Hayden in Mrs. Wheeler’s 5th Grade Class. Nice job Hayden!

Student Artist of the Week October 25 Lucas


















This weeks Artist of the Week is from Ms. LaFosse's class. Their class attended Bay Day, learning about the ecology of Merry Meeting Bay. There was lots to learn and experience. One of the activities for students was Goytaku or the Japanese art of fish printing, where you put ink or paint on a real fish and then put paper on top to get a print of the fish. Ms. LaFosse's class wrote up reports on the fish that they worked with, but the prints seemed a little bit unfinished. We decided to invite her class into the art room to put all these elements together. Right away I noticed that Lucas Hinton had done lots of prints at Bay Day. This didn't surprise me because Lucas has a "can do" attitude. He quickly and carefully cut out one of his prints, put it together with his report, and a little more paint to create this awesome composition. I especially like the diagonals that move the viewers eye around the composition, and how elements overlap. Nice work Lucas!

Nov 7, 2017 Board of Director Election and MHS-BRCTC Building Project Referendum MHS
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Notice of Public Hearing for the New MHS-BRCTC RSU1
OPEN HOUSE September 12, 5:00-6:00pm Open House

Fisher Mitchell Open House is September 12, 5:00-6:00pm.

Please note the time change.

We would like encourage our families to attend the MHS-BRCTC Building Project Presentation & Straw Poll Vote at 6:00pm at Bath Middle School.

Student Handbook Handbook
MHS-BRCTC Building Project Presentation & Straw Poll Vote Sept 12th RSU1
Meet the Lenovo N23 Yoga Chromebook for student use Lenovo N23 Yoga ChromeBook for Education
First Day of School, 2017! RSU1
RSU1 Budget Validation Referendum June 13, 2017 Vote
RSU1 Regional Budget Meeting Annual Budget Meeting
MHS-BRCTC Building Project Community Presentation and Straw Poll Vote April 11, 2017 RSU1

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