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Student Artist of the Week March 28 water color of trees and foxes








All the winter artwork is down at Fisher Mitchell School and art work celebrating spring is going up in the hallways. You may have seen some 3rd Grade landscapes showing overlapping green hills and trees just starting to bud. Many students did a really nice job on these. I especially like some of the examples from Mrs. Walsh’s class.

The student I am choosing to recognize today is an very nice and quiet young women. She takes her time and always does quality work. The purple she put in her sky makes me think of a damp spring day. I also enjoy that she has a new baby fox with its mother, as we know that spring is the time when many animals have their young. Congratulations M G-B in Mrs. Walsh’s 3rd Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week!

Student Artist of the Week March 21 clay sculpture of marshmallow looking man with skateboard







The student I am choosing to recognize today has a strong interest in art. He regularly participates in extra art, as well as working on projects in his free time and outside of school. He likes to take his art in his own direction. This year we have done a lot of work together helping him to learn how to respectfully make a project more his own. As you might know, we have done a lot of work with Asian Dragons in 4th Grade. The Asian Dragon is kind of a mash-up of different animals, so 4th Grade students were invited to sculpt a clay dragon or come up with another kind of animal mash up. This student asked if he could sculpt his favorite deejay, who is a kind of a mash up between a marsh mellow and a man. He succeeded in doing something extremely difficult: using clay to makeHol a freestanding figure balanced on two legs. He is also completing this very cool cardboard skateboard. Congratulations Braydon Chaput in Ms. Phippen's 4th Grade Class student artist of the week!

Student Artist of the Week March 14 IR






The student I am choosing to recognize this week has become very interested in art during the time I have known her. She is a fast worker and always completes her projects, although sometimes I wish she would slow down just a little bit to concentrate on her craftsmanship. She has participated in Extra Art making very cool sculptures and she loves working with oil pastel. She is one of the first students in the 5th grade to finish her hand sewn hand puppet. Congratulations to IR in Mrs. Gerrish’s 5th Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week! Nice Goat!

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