Student Artists of the Week April 12








Today I would like to recognize two students in Mrs. Towles’ 4th grade class. They are both amazing artists in their own right. One of these students has been an amazing helper all year. She always remembers projects and art terms from previous classes. Because she had experience with Weaving in an art class at the school she went to before, she has been really fast and been super helpful with other students by teaching them her skills. She is so good at weaving she could teach the class! The other student sometimes has trouble completing assignments. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that he is super creative! His paper weaving did not turn out like everyone else’s. His paper weaving turned out like a winged monster! He worked with me to show me that he understood weaving, and Compromised with me to weave parts of the body and the wings. His project is a great example how you can sometimes take projects in your own direction if you work with your teachers!

Nice job Keller Matzke and Alissa Cogswell student Artists of the Week!




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