Student Artist of the Week September 11

It has been so good to see all of my Fourth and Fifth Grade friends, and meet our new Third Graders. I would like to say thank you to drawings and paintings that some of you have given me. In the past week I have seen many students working hard to push their creativity and come up with creative ways to display their names on our new Art Bulletin Board. 

The student I am choosing to recognize this week, like many others is someone I have been keeping my eye on for a long time. In the Art Room she is quiet and focused. She always does quality work, but at the same time is able to work quickly and is not afraid to make mistakes. She knows that as long as she is trying there will be something cool about what she has created.

There was no mistakes when she created her name though. She tried out a couple ideas, found one that she liked, and did this quality color draft all in one day. Check out her amazing dragon letters! Nice work JJ, Student Artist of the Week.

Mr. McGinty, FMS Art Teacher