Student Artist of the Week October 31

The student I am choosing to recognize today has asked many times, "When am I going to be the Artist of the Week?" I have told them many times to be patient and keep trying, and for the most part they have. I feel very fortunate to work with all the students in our school and I hope they know how great it is to see the art they make when they really try, but I can only recognize one student per week.

Last week instead of asking, "When am I going to be Artist of the Week?" this student asked, "When is someone in my grade level going to be Artist of the Week?" Later, I saw them struggle to use scissors to cut fabric, keep trying until they figured it out, and then help others with the new skill they learned. In this one class they showed me how they could be Community Minded, by thinking of others, and be Persistent, by sticking with something even though it was difficult. Even though he's not quite done with his felt Jack O'Lantern I want to recognize LL in Ms. Phippen's 4th Grade as Student Artist of the Week!