Student Artist of the Week November 21

In Bath, we are lucky to have a great art teacher at Dike Newell School. Mrs. Main, does a great job teaching our younger students how to safely work in the art room, to focus, make quality work and be creative. Students come to FMS with great knowledge about art. I am so pleased that they all know about their Primary Colors, Yellow, Red, and Blue, when they get here in 3rd grade. (Thanks, Mrs. Main!)  Recently we have been looking at the art work of Piet Mondrian, who used the 3 primary colors and black to make his geometric art with straight lines. 3rd Graders did a great job using rulers to plan these pieces and then carefully painted them. The artist I am choosing to recognize this week is quiet and always paying attention. I really like the careful job they did painting their piece, and I am not sure I can paint lines as carefully as they did. I also really like how there is a certain symmetry in this piece, but it is not exact symmetry. A 5th grade friend who was admiring the art work noticed the balance of the three colored areas. It is for all these reasons I am happy to recognize EG in Ms. Newkirk's class, Student Artist of the Week! I know her older sister will be proud!