Happy Winter Season! 

This time of year can be even more busy than other times of the year and hard to practice the self-care that we need to stay healthy.  Here is your reminder to take a deep breath and help the children stay healthy this season.

The flu season is upon us!   Hand-washing continues to be the number one way to stay healthy.  Make it a game with the kids and practice.  Sing silly songs 20 seconds long under the faucet with soapy water and rinse those germs down the drain!  Cover the cough/sneeze.  There is still time to get a flu shot. Stay home when ill and remember students must be fever free without medicine for 24 hours.

We have also been seeing a stomach virus with and without a fever.  It is really important to have a plan if your child is sick.  Sending sick children to school keeps the illness spreading.  

Good time of year to check your child’s head for lice. If lice is identified and you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to me, I have combs.  Combing out the eggs is very important in getting rid of the pests. Please discourage children from sharing hats and hair accessories.

Eating healthy snacks- with all the food around it can be hard to find balance. Have veggies and fruits cut up and ready to eat, kids will go for them if they are available.

Get enough sleep.  Children ages 8-10 need 9-11 hours of sleep a night.  

Wishing you all a safe and healthy holiday and winter season. 

Together we can keep the school healthy.


Nurse Ricki