Artist of the Week January 23

Britto Romero is an artist who was born in Brazil and now lives in the United States in Florida. His art has elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti. After spending some time looking at his work Fourth Grade students identified his use of vibrant colors, thick black lines, and simple patterns. They then used his work as inspiration for these heart pieces that should be finished in time to get up in the hallway for Valentines Day.The student I am choosing to recognize today does a good job remembering our assignments from the week before. He takes pride in his work and is helpful both passing out materials and cleaning the room. I really enjoyed watching him experimenting with color as he finished his piece. He was excited to see the colors mixing and creating new colors, but also managed to not go too far and kept his colors bright and vibrant. Nice work Gabe Arey in Ms. Soule's 4th Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week!