Student Artist of the Week January 30

The student I am choosing to recognize this week is a role model. They ask quality questions in class that let me know they are thinking about our lessons, but also how to make their artwork their own. They use their time extremely well. They are able to talk to their classmates a little, but get right to work. They are fast and efficient, but the quality of their work never suffers. They are so efficient they have actually made 2 quality versions of three of our major projects, often leaving one here to share with our school community. And lastly, I must thank them for being both patient and polite when I forget their name. They always remember to call me Mr. Carter when I do. Check out her pink and purple painting she created after completing her Mondrian primary color painting! Congratulations B.S. in Ms. Newkirk's 3rd Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week!