Artist of the Week February 6

In the past week I have been very pleased with some of the art I have been seeing. 3rd Graders have finished their heart weavings and are on to learning about Geometric Shapes. 4th Graders have completed their Britto Romero inspired hearts and are now finishing up another piece using the same techniques, and 5th Grade students have a good start on their hand puppets.

First I want to recognize a student who is often quiet and thinking. I like talking to him in the hallway in the morning. Congratulations WQ in 4S for his amazing waterfall piece!

I also want to recognize two brothers who often work together on projects. They have participated in extra art many times and can use their combined creative power for good in the art room. They recently really impressed me with the farm, complete with animals, that they made in their teachers class, congratulations Paxton and Parker Carpenter in Mrs. Gerrish's 5th grade class!

I also want to recognize Mrs. Cole who was so inspired by last week’s Artist of the Week that she went right home and made an amazing stained glass piece that replicated it. The piece hung in our front office for a few days, but has since been packaged in bubble wrap and sent home with the 3rd Grade student who made the original painting!

Thank you all for trying your best and putting yourself into your art!