Student Artist of the Week February 14

The student I am choosing to recognize this week is pretty quiet. He does really well in Art Class and often surprises me by the unique way he approaches our assignments. 3rd Grade students have been learning about Geometric Shapes. Geometry is where Math and Art meet. A simple way to think about a geometric shape is a shape that has rules. A square must have 4 equal sides, 4 corners and 4 right angles. 3rd Graders learned it can be difficult to make perfect geometric shapes by hand, and then used our laptops to create digital geometric artworks. This student seemed very comfortable with using his computer to make art. I really like the colors he used in his piece and I think it is very interesting how he used a few shapes to create and abstract landscape with trees, a house, and what might be a tractor. Congratulations Eli Moody in 3D student artist of the week!