In case of an emergency closure, meals will continue to be offered at some RSU1 Schools.  These meals will be available to all students in the RSU1 Communities at NO CHARGE. These meals will be available from 10:30am- 1:00pm at the following locations: Dike-Newell School, Fisher-Mitchell School, Phippsburg Elementary School and Woolwich Central School. Both Breakfast and Lunch will be available in a “grab and go” format, and will not be consumed on site. These meals will most likely be cold options (i.e. cereal and milk, sandwiches, etc.). Fruit and vegetables will be included with the meals. 

Please note, this is a new format of meal service for the district and will be subject to change as we evaluate the program. 

Highlights of Meal Service to RSU1 Students: 

  • All students can pick up a breakfast or lunch at one of 4 locations: Dike-Newell, Fisher- Mitchell, Phippsburg Elementary School, Woolwich Central School 
  • Meals are FREE to ALL students. Unfortunately, we cannot provide meals to adults. 
  • Service time will be: 10:30am-1:00pm, Monday - Friday 
  • Meals will be “Grab and Go” – they will not be consumed on site to encourage social distancing practices 
  • Meal service will begin: Tuesday, 3/17 
  • There will be signage posted at the front door of each school to direct where meals can be picked up
  • We encourage students to take both a lunch and breakfast at the same time. Lunch for that day, breakfast to have the next morning.
  • Any question, please reach out to: Tim Harkins, Food Service Director, RSU1 443-6601 ex. 114 or

Our hope is to have some limited form of delivery or a drop at alternate locations if families are unable to pick meals up, but we currently do not have that option in play yet.