Artist of the Week 4-30

Wow! If you visit the Creative Work padlet you will see some amazing Art made with Recycled Materials! You might see an amazing (and very realistic!) cat made by a 4th grade boy, or a shiny metallic robot made by a 3rd grade girl, some sculptures made with cardboard boxes made by 5th Grade boys, or a working crane made by a 3rd grade girl! I want to thank every student who has shared these super creative projects with our school community!The student I am choosing to recognize this week not only impressed me with his incredibly creative complicated sculpture using boxes paint and tape, but he uploaded a short video showing how it works! I didn't even know that was possible! Just another example of how creative and innovative our FMS Students can be! Congratulations Alden Perow in Ms. Levesque's 3rd Grade Class Student Artist of the week!
Find it on our student padlet to see how it transforms!

Mr. McGinty

Art Teacher