Artist of the Week 5 - 7 -2020

Students are really impressing me with the work they are posting to the art padlet. It's so cool to see all the creative ways they are completing projects at home. It's true we might not have all the nice materials that we get to use in the Fisher Mitchell Art Room, but if we think outside the box, we can make art anywhere with whatever is available.

This week I want to recognize a student who has really been getting into his projects at home. His recycled materials project was awesome, and he definitely took it to the next level! He came up big again, impressing me with the artwork he made by arranging different foods to create his character. In this edible art I see raisins, lentils, blue corn chips, a pretzel, and goldfish crackers! Can you see any other food that he used to create this assemblage? I also really like that he included a sketch of the character he was creating. It looks like the character's name is Fishucatoo, but part of the name is cut off so I apologize if I got it right. Congratulations FM in Ms. Phippen's 4th Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week!